LigandTracer    Technology:

The technology of LigandTracer is based on repeated differential measurements of surface associated proteins. Cells are seeded in a local part of a cell dish and the opposite side is used as a reference. The dish is placed on an inclined, slowly rotating support and liquid containing labeled protein is added. The detector, which is mounted over the upper part, registers the additional activity of proteins bound to the cells. Each revolution results in a peak, which is an accurate measurement of the amount of bound protein. The peak height is followed over time, providing an accurate estimation of the kinetics of the interaction.

Main benefits of LigandTracer compared to manual measurements:

LigandTracer measures protein interactions, minute by minute, during incubation and after wash. The binding curve displays the amount of bound protein over time, and contains information about affinity, kinetics and complexity.

The software running all LigandTracer models is designed to facilitate measurement startup and improve understanding of your real-time data. Together with thorough support material, you master the instruments in a few days.


Quantify Biomolecular Interactions

in Real-time using LigandTracer

There are currently four different instrument types available. Choose model depending on your label:

LigandTracer Green

Fluorescence: Blue/Green, Yellow/Red or Red/NIR

Direct detection of fluorescently labeled compounds

LigandTracer Green is made for the regular cell-biology and opens up completely new possibilities in binding assays. By introducing time into the assay, more information is extracted and results become more robust.

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LigandTracer Grey

Low energy gamma, such as 125I

Quantify protein-cell interactions in real-time

LigandTracer Grey is the workhorse in laboratories using 125I-labeled proteins. With repeatability better than most other cell-based assays and versatility through open design, cell-based binding assays have a new yardstick.

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LigandTracer Yellow

High energy gamma, including 177Lu, 111In, 99mTc, 18F and 11C Follow PET/SPECT markers on cells with minimum workload

LigandTracer Yellow is designed to speed up the development of medical imaging agents. Equipped with a scintillator-based detector suitable for all nuclides used in PET/SPECT imaging, real time binding assays is made possible, even for short-lived nuclides like 11C.

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LigandTracer White

Beta, e.g. peptides pre-labeled with 14C or 35S

Direct detection of 14C, 35S and other beta emitters

LigandTracer White detects beta-particles (electrons and positrons), and can follow 14C compounds binding to a cell without use of liquid scintillators. Such a non-destructive measurement makes it possible to follow, in real-time, small molecules with inherent labels as they interact with living cells.

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