Gel Eye intuitive Gel Documentation System provides light sources which can be conveniently interchanged between UV and Epi white light. Thus, wide range of fluorescence and densitometry applications may be processed through these light source excitations.

The system is fully controlled by GelView software, following image capturing, users can immediately view and analyze their gels.

Gel Eye GDS ®

Intuitive Gel Documentation System with Smart-Analyzing GelView Software

Features of Gel Eye:

Gel Eye Applications:

Gel-Eye Specifications

I. Camera


9M Pixels

Color Depth

10 Bit

Exposure Time

0.05 sec to 10 sec

II. Optics

Emission Filter

518 nm Long Pass,

50(L) X 50.8(W) X 2(H) mm

View Area

12 cm X 16 cm

Lighting source

UVB 305 nm

III. Software


Capture Image, Image Edit,

Data Analysis

Image Format


IV. System Requirements


Windows 7, Windows 8,

Windows XP SP3


30 X 26 X 22.7 cm


8 Kg


USB 2.0

Gel Eye Illustration :

Built-in GelView 1D analysis Software:

Gel Eye is fully controlled by PC or laptop. Following image capturing, users can immediately view and analyze their gels with our bundled software, GelView

Fully automatic, single button press complete image capture if required

Capture Mode

Manual editing of brightness and contrast in image profile windows

Edit Mode

Auto detect lane bands and MW Analysis

Analysis Mode

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