Our experience in pumps and fluidics was used to create the Legato Series. Over the years, customers had asked to display more information simultaneously and make it easier to configure and run complicated multi-step programs. The high resolution touch screen interface offers unparalleled ease of use. Today’s demanding applications require better flow performance and repeatability down to 1 nl/hr.  Legato offers 0.35% accuracy and 0.5% repeatability.


    In today’s economic environment, multiple users with different experiments are using the same pump.  The next generation of pump had to meet this demand to store and recall multiple programs.  The pumps role in the experiment now changes more readily with multiple users and multiple tests being done using a single pump.


    Worldwide use of our pumps and changing regulatory compliance meant designing the pump to meet RoHS and WEEE, CE, UL, CSA, and CB schemes.  The Legato has lead free boards and is designed to the latest safety and EMI/RFI standards.

The KD Scientific Legato series offers unparalleled ease of use through the high resolution touch screen user interface. The full touch screen interface enables the user to quickly create configurations and recall them for ease of use. The TFT color display presents all the pump operating parameters on an easy to view run screen.

The password feature prevents accidental configuration changes ensuring the program integrity is retained. The pumps are versatile and can be interconnected through the RS485 interface. Legato series models can be mixed and matched in the daisy chain offering maximum flexibility. Up to 99 pump can be linked together through the RS485 interface.

The Legato optimizes your lab bench space. For limited laboratory space the Legato series can be placed on its side to reduce the footprint. The display can also be changed to allow the user to operate the pump vertically.

New Legato™ Series Syringe Pump



NEW LEGATO™ series

the next generation of syringe pumps

NewLegato 101 Dual Syringe Infuse Only Syringe Pump

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NewLegato 110 Single Syringe Infuse/Withdraw Programable Syringe Pump

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NewLegato 111 Dual Syringe Infuse/Withdraw Programable Syringe Pump

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NewLegato 130 Single Syringe Infuse/Withdraw Syringe Pump

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NewLegato 180 Infuse/Withdraw Programable Syringe Pump

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NewLegato 100 Infuse Only Syringe Pump

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100 Series Syringe Pumps

NewLegato 200 Infuse Only Syringe Pump

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NewLegato 210 Infuse/Withdraw Syringe Pump

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NewLegato 210P Infuse/Withdraw Programmable Syringe Pump

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NewLegato 270 Push/Pull Syringe Pump

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NewLegato 270P Push/Pull Programmable Syringe Pump

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NewAdagio Software

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200 Series Syringe Pumps

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