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NEW LEGATO 100 SERIES IS THE NEXT GENERATION OF SYRINGE PUMPS offers unparalleled ease of use through the high resolution touch screen user interface. The full touch screen interface enables the user to quickly create configurations..

Legato Pumps

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KDS Centrifan™ PE   is a convenient, compact small volume evaporator or concentrator for research, pharmaceutical, and biotech labs Simple, Reliable, Vacuum-Free, Safe for Samples and Users, Versatile - ideal for LC fractions..


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The NEW KD Scientific Allegro™ Peristaltic Pump System allows maintenance free, continuous flow pumping of various liquids. The fluid contacts only the inside surface of the tubing negating concern for valve..


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KD Scientific syringe pumps are ideal for delivering accurate and precise amounts of fluids for a multitude of syringe pump applications including infusing calibrant into a mass spectrometer or reaction chamber, long term drug infusions to animal …

Syringe Pumps

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  • chamber capacity from 25 to 106 litres
  • transport in stable temperature, e.g. +4°C
  • adjustable temperature from

-18 to +10°C

Thermostatic Boxes

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  • Chamber capacity from 15 to 1000 litres
  • temperature range ambient +5...+300°C
  • stainless steel interior

Drying Oven

  • Chamber capacity from 56 to 1000 litres
  • temperature range ambient +5...+300°C
  • stainless steel interior
  • Sterilization Programs


  • Chamber capacity from 115 to 1465 litres
  • temp range -10...+60°C
  • stainless steel interior
  • 30…90 Humidity rage

Climatic chambers

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  • capacity from 85 to 299L
  • plastic or stainless steel interior
  • two temperature ranges depending on model:



Laboratory Freezers

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  • Chamber capacity from 68 to 1460 litres
  • temperature range +3...+40°C
  • aluminium or stainless steel interior


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The multi propose and large capacity centrifuge with a maximum speed of

15,000 rpm and RCF 25,407xg, Maximum volume 6 x 250ml Fixed angle rotor & 4 x 750ml swing out bucket rotor...


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LAB-TEMP™ furnaces and ovens are used in laboratories all over the world.  Thermcraft is the exclusive supplier of furnaces and ovens to some of the leading materials testing system manufacturers.  LAB-TEMP™ furnaces and ovens are constructed using…


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