The Partec production of Flow Cytometry reagents and controls employs a Quality Management System of the highest standards, certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 13485:2007 for all divisional parts, characterized by fully controlled in-house production processes for the best instrument-related implementation of complete solution packages.

Partec offers high quality control material and dedicated reagents for the following application areas:

_ Healthcare: Leukemia | Lymphoma | HIV | Pathology | etc.

_ Microbiology: Yeast | Bacteria | Small Particle Detection | etc.

_ Agrosciences:  Agriculture | Animal and Wildlife Research | Aquaculture

_ Industrial Applications: Food Industry | Beverages | Milk & Dairy Products

_ Essential Healthcare: HIV/AIDS | TB | Malaria

Partec also provides the necessary accessories for successful realization of flow cytometry analysis:

_ CellTrics®

_ Consumables

_ Spare Parts

Since Partec Flow Cytometers are open systems, use of reagent kits for flow cytometry and cell analysis from other suppliers is supported, which addresses the justified customer demand for the highest flexibility offered by modern instrumentation.

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Reagents & Accessories

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