The THINKY Mixer is a no-blade planetary centrifugal mixer that mixes materials employing "rotation" and "revolution". In much the same way the Earth revolves around the Sun, the mixing container simultaneously "revolves" around the center of the mixer while "rotating". These two contradictory forces simultaneously and thoroughly mix, disperse and deareate materials in the container.


Planetary Centrifugal Mixer "THINKY MIXER"

Uniform Mixing & Deareation without Blade for High Viscous

or Specific Gravity Material

Pioneering the Planetary Centrifugal and Planetary Centrifugal Vacuum Mixers industry through process of "Revolution" and "Rotation".

Maximum capacity (when using 100ml disposable container)

  • 50ml-100g (net)
  • 50ml-140g (gross)

Maximum capacity (when using 300ml container)

  • 250ml-250g (net)
  • 250ml-310g (gross)

Maximum capacity(When using 300ml container)

  • 250ml - 340g×2(net)
  • 250ml - 400g×2(gross)

Maximum capacity (when using 550ml container)

  • 500ml - 1.0kg (net)
  • 500ml - 1.1kg (gross)

Maximum capacity (when using 150ml container)

  • 150ml - 520g (net)
  • 150ml - 560g (gross)

Maximum capacity

  • 150ml - 70g (net)
  • 150ml - 113g (gross)

Maximum capacity (when using 300ml container/vacuum)

  • 200ml-250g (net)
  • 200ml-310g (gross)

Maximum capacity (when using 750ml container)

  • 500ml - 830g x 2 (net)
  • 500ml - 930g x 2 (gross)

Maximum capacity (when using 4L container)

  • 3L - 4.7kg (net)
  • 3L -  5kg (gross)

Maximum capacity (when using 4L container)

  • 3L - 4.7kg x 2 (net)
  • 3L - 5kg x 2 (gross)
  • SUS container, conversion as sealant 600g x 2 (net)

Maximum capacity (when using 10L SUS container)

  • 10L - 10kg x 2 (net)
  • 10L - 14.5kg x 2 (gross)

"THINKY MIXER" (Non-Vacuum type) Simultaneous processing of mixing and deaeration

Planetary Centrifugal Mixer "THINKY Solder Paste Mixer"

Planetary Centrifugal Vacuum Mixer "THINKY MIXER" (Vacuum type)

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Vacuum Syringe Filler & Nano Pulverizer

Maximum capacity (fills four 10ml syringes at once)


Maximum capacity (SUS container, conversion as LCD sealant) 600g x 2


NP-100 Lowered temperature brings nano pulverization in just a few minutes

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