Partec offers a wide range of compact, desktop flow cytometry systems, with up to 5 light sources and up to 16 optical parameters, covering dedicated scientific and industrial applications from the routine to the complex, high-end research.

Partec technology is based on computer-controlled flow systems, modular optical systems with advanced photomultiplier tubes for all optical channels, the most recent computer and electronic technologies, as well as the fastest and most precise 16 bit analog-to-digital converters. All flow cytometry applications in healthcare, microbiology, industrial applications, like food quality control, as well as plant and animal cytology benefit from the unique Partec microsecond real-time acquisition, making it possible to carry out real-time, absolute counting of cells, cellular subsets and other particles on a volumetric basis. This True Volumetric Absolute Counting technique is a unique feature of Partec flow cytometry systems, which is not found in any other flow cytometers. In addition to the absolute count, the cell or particle concentration is also determined for each sample. No additional cell counter, such as an electrical impedance cell counter, or reference bead is required when using a Partec flow cytometer.

Flow Cytometry

Dedicated Instruments for Flow Cytomery & Cell Analysis

Instruments for Flow Cytometry

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CyFlow® Space

Ultra-Compact High-End, Benchtop Flow Cytometry System, Multi-Laser 16 Parameter, 13 color High-End Flow Cytometry System with sorting option..

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CyFlow® Cube 6

Ultracompact and uniquely designed for all applications in cell analysis and absolute counting, Portable High Performance 6 Optical Parameter 4 Color Flow Cytometry System….

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CyFlow® Ploidy Analyser

High Resolution DNA Ploidy Analysis & Genome Size

Automatic Measurement of Ploidy Level and Aneuploidy in Plants and Animals

Ploidy determinations with the CyFlow® Ploidy Analyser are performed by the precise measurement of the total DNA content of individual nuclei extracted and stained with Partec CyStain® reagents….

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CyFlow® Oenolyser

Microbial Quality Control in Wine Production

Automatic Detection, Quantification, and Live/Dead Analysis of Yeasts in Wine and Champagne…

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CyFlow® Counter

Ultra-compact portable Flow Cytometer dedicated for affordable and accurate CD4+ T-cell and CD4% enumeration in HIV monitoring and patient follow-up

The CyFlow® Counter is a fully equipped portable and ultra-compact desktop flow cytometer dedicated for routine CD4 and CD4% counting as well as total lymphocyte and WBC counting...

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CyFlow® miniPOC

Point-of-Care CD4+ and CD4% Counter

The absolute number of CD4+ T-lymphocytes and the CD4% among lymphocytes are the most widely used parameters for the immune status monitoring of HIV-infected adults and children and AIDS patients undergoing antiretroviral therapy...

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CyFlow® Sorter

The unique CyFlow® Sorter is a closed, non-destructive, non-hazardous system for cell and particle sorting and offers highest purity and sorting stability. The system combines user comfort with superior performance characteristics and can be included in both the Partec flow cytometers CyFlow® space and CyFlow® Cube 8...

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CyFlow® Robby Autoloading Station

for well plates and tubes ...

Flow Cytometry Applications:

CyFlow® Cube 8

High Performance Multilaser Flow Cytometry Analyser & Cell Sorter, truly stand-alone Flow Cytometer is ultra-compact and uniquely designed for all applications in cell analysis and absolute counting. With the CyFlow® Cube 8, accurate and cost-effective flow cytometry is offered by employing 8 optical parameters…

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